Balanced leadership

The success of teams and organisations can be boosted by helping leaders to understand and manage their impact on morale and motivation.

Leadership strengths can have a negative impact if they’re overused, as Jill Flint-Taylor explains

For example, a good leader recognises when others will be inspired by their drive and determination, and when there’s a risk of losing support by pushing too hard. The ability to flex your style is a critical leadership skill.

Similarly, a diversity of styles helps a leadership team to achieve a positive, balanced impact – but only if its members demonstrate insight, understanding and a commitment to pulling together.

Leaders can also improve morale and motivation by assessing and managing common pressures, e.g. balancing demanding workloads with high levels of consultation and involvement. This helps to boost team and organisational resilience.

Our services include:

Assessing risks to morale and motivation; leadership coaching for individuals and leadership teams; top team away days; leadership impact and resilience master classes; executive assessment.